No secrets here...just some alt text :P
This one took longer than it should have
Monday 10th September 2012

I should make something other than 5 comics for next time...

In other news, I commented on each of the comics so far. There will be comments from me under each of them explining some behind the scenes information if there is any. Take a look if you want.

Well, I'm kind of getting better I guess...
Monday 27th August 2012

Here, have another 5 comics. Blah.

Mouldcube: Worst updater of the ever award
Saturday 18th August 2012

Oh look, I updated, this is an extremely rare occurance and it will strike fear into the average man that the world may be ending or some such nonsense.

Only 5 sprite comics added today but oh well, I do promise to update more often.

I am lazy.

I meant to do this a while ago
Tuesday 14th February 2012

I forgot to update again...I am useless! Hooray!

Anyway, while I work on stuff, have 2 flash games I made because of reasons. please do not kill me for them!

I have nothing much more to say about this. Goodbye person...I mean people!


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